In Comic-Con Dubai for the 3rd Time!

Yes, we’re back!

This is our third participation in the Middle East Film and Comics Convention (MEFCC) aka Comic-Con Dubai! We loved the first two participations (2017 & 2016) and we’re back for more.

Here’s are a few reasons why we chose to come to Comic-Con Dubai every year:

  1. We see our friends again!
  2. We make new friends.
  3. We talk about anime cels, the classic methods of animation production, Ghibli, Future Boy Conan (عدنان ولينا) and other Arabic-dubbed anime classics.
  4. We share some of our collectibles with others.
  5. Our 4 years old son gets to slip into his Spiderman costume and walk around among other Spidermen.
  6. We shop!

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